Universal Legacy Grants … Help others, Help Causes

Universal Legacy Grants: Earn Passive Income Helping Others

Universal Legacy Grants is a unique opportunity where one earns first by helping worthy causes, but in doing so, an over ride and passive income is developed.

But it’s more than just a direct money generation operation because there are benefits beyond mone or income for those of us who are active… specifically, unique advertising opportunities.

To understand UA, it helps to first know and understand the founder, Mark Miller.

After that, the business is simple. In fact, it’s not designed as a business opportunity at all which would put the focus on YOU; instead, it’s a sharing ministry with the concept of “incentivized giving ” introduced.

Our site explains each of the concepts from being a grant recipient to being a grant donor; there are also several benefits in each as you begin to understand the basics of our “building block”, the “Abundance Package”

We invite you to explore our page and apply for a free grant, and also to get to know our founder, Mark Miller.

You can access our website now by CLICKING HERE.