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What Passive Income Means to Us..

Passive income is also known as residual income. It’s not free because initially you have to generally do something to start it, and then, you (or some entity) has to do something with the service to keep the value present for the user.

Your function of course is the startup function which may  involve  an investment in time or money or both.

Then even if others maintain the value,  you may have the duty and responsibility to keep your client informed and reminded of the value, and in general, build a relationship. 

You may have a complimentary product or service, and as this customer knows you, may be inclined to listen to a new compatible offer.

But for the most part, it’s set and forget. 

We are going to share a few passive or residual income streams nearly anyone can do.  While you may have taken note of “Leech Insurance” and know that insurance is a good source of residual income, we are NOT including it here because first of all it requires a licesnsing process.. and a fair amount of investment in things like E&O  insurance, marketing expense and more.

Read what follows and if any seem of interest,  get back to me or txt “passiveincome” to  412           379 8945

In It to Win It

* OnPassive (Think “Enpassive”)

Enpassive is our income stream with the greatest potential. It has the greatest complexity in initial undertanding, and the greatest risk to the extent the product has not even been launched, even though it’s been in development for ab out a year. It also has a moderate level of investment to be in on the ground floor: $97 now as a founder, then $25 (or optional more) on launch. While there’s no launch yet, all of the web site information strongly suggests this is credible.

On passive is a technology company basing it’s product on Artificial Intelligence and will be internationally marketing literally hundreds of digital marketing products/tools used by businesses world wide.

One starts now as a founder, and as you do, you have access to information on all these tools and a greater overview of them. You also have access to others who have joined and done research on the company.

Go Founders is the Marketing Arm for On Passive and your registration link to become a founder is HERE.

  • Down Payment Assistance Grants  /

The residual income here is attributable to the premise you will “hire” and train associate grant specialists who will produce one or more grants monthly and in many cases, do the same as you. As the upline, you will be paid a $500 per month over ride on each grant made on your first level. If people under you, you will be entitled to over rides down to 8 levels deep.
As no selling is involved and there is a tremendous need, residual income is all but guaranteed for the person or persons willing to put in a very minimal amount of work.
A full site overview can be seen HERE, and then if you have interest you can confirm this by registering     yourself here: