Kill Your Debt!

Kill Your Debt

Kill All Your Debt, including Mortgage, Without Adding any Money to the Budget!

There are many different types of debt and what we do applies to most of them. Our first focus is on the typical mortgage, but student loan debt falls right into the line of work, followed by things such as car loans, then consumer loans and credit.

If the idea of eliminating (and not consolidating) your debt interests you, then as each of you are different and this is not “one size fits all” we need to have a personal discussion.

There’s only one fundamental rule: You have to have more income than outgo.. or at least enough income to meet your current expenses which include current debt payments.

Here’s what we teach: How to ELIMINATE your current debt (think mortgage for example in about ½ the time or less WITHOUT any change to (meaning adding money to) your current budget, and/or doing a re-finance or trying some gimmick program like bi weekly.
So.. what you are probably thinking something like “What’s the Catch?” The “Gimmick”? Sounds like “smoke and mirrors”……. and I get it.
“It’s because in all probability you’ve not learned about one of the most fundamental things nearly every banker and most financial professionals know: Debt has a cost, and that cost is called interest, and the biggest secret is that there’s a whole lot of different ways interest is calculated, collected, and paid.

It all has to do with not only amounts but timing, and the timing (as well as the structure, meaniong in any given payment, how much goes to principal and how much to interest, is calculated.
Lenders have known this for a long time…and how do you think all the beautiful bank buildings get built.

And while THEY know it and how to maximize their income, they also know it’s not very much in their best interests to teach you how to pay them less!

Now to be a bit closer to “fair”, they also know that due to the complexities of timing, most of us could not devise a program manually and follow it.. especially when there has to be flexibility that patterns life. You know.. both income and expenditures can vary monthly, yearly, weekly, etc.

The underlying principle is very simple: Make your EXISITNG income work more efficiently. Do NOT let a single cent go to an interest payment when it could go to principle reduction. The “what” or in general, “WHEN” has been known for some time, but the HOW TO CALCULATE this and actually do it has not been practical for some time.. that “time” meaning the accessibility and affordability of a device that could to these real time calculations.

That device is the personal computer. Of course a computer is only “hardware” unless there is a “software” program that comes together to make this work.

In this case, the SOFTWARE is quite complex. …It’s been costly to develop, but it has been and it’s been around for over ten years in the USA.
And it works. It works to the extent the developer (which naturally charges for it as it is THEIR business) guarantees results, or the software cost is refunded.

So there is no “smoking mirror” or tricks. The math is clear. It’s just numbers. We mentioned timing and a program. Think of it as a map or for you pilots, a flight plan. To get to the destination, you must follow the plan. Of course if you ARE a pilot, you know a thunderstorm might pop up, so you have to make a course change… but you still have a new plan.

Would you like to know if this can work for you? We’ll offer you a free appraisal and forecast of your debt free date.

So what’s this “transformation” thing? Very simple. Let’s say y ou had a mortgage for 30 years you have been paying $1000 a month for that goes to principal and interest (you are paying your taxes and insurance separately).
You get this paid off in 15 years.. with still only the $1000/month.

Now you take that same $1000 per month and invest it for the other 15 years.

Of course you can use any half of the time amount.. but the fact is you have transformed your debt into wealth.

Anyone who would like to have a free ebook and video that explains the process in more detail is welcome to ask for one at HERE.
Anyone desiring a personal conversation is invited to use the form below.

Best wishes and success in a debt free life. This is my passion to help you.

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