Home Buying Grants = Passive Income

Passive Income with Home Buying Grants

Fund My Home .org and Passive Income

Fund my home.org started out with one basic product and/or service: Downpayment (and closing cost) assistance grants to buyers of existing homes.  Homes meaning not only single family dwellings but properties such as duplexes, fourplexes, etc.. as long as the owner occupies one of the units.

The business model is evolving to include new construction and then branching off into offering relators a chance to earn and in planning, and possibly released now are opportunities to participate in fund raising. These are all direct payment earnings.

The principal PASSIVE or RESIDUAL Income stream develops as an associate recruits and builds a team of associates. The compensation plan, not an MLM marketing plan per se as nothing is sold, pays down to 8 levels.

In the original plan for existing properties  a fixed amount of compensation is associated with each  grant and this is regardless of the grant  size.    For an associate developing (or responsible for the development of) a new certified grant specialist, the income as of the writing of his page is $500 per 1st downline associate grant.

For a person even half active in sharing this opportunity, the passive income then can become very substantial. To qualify for downline income, an associate must generate a minimum of one personal grant per year.

Opportunity meetings are held nightly on Zoom Mon-Wed and the current compensation plan is presented at these meetings.

Contact me, Joe Leech, Certified Grant Specialist for answers or invite to a Zoom meeting. jvleech@gmail.com