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The video just opens the door. There’s so much more so let me share just a couple more. If this generates your interest, get back in touch with me. (Some videos reload on automatic)

First: the videos:

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Company Based on Privacy,

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In addtion to the short videos, we’d like to share a replay of a recent webinar which puts much of this all together:

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Why Have We Chosen Clear as Our Primary Focus?

With over 15 years in Direct Marketing on the Internet, plus many more years in sales and business we have learned to bring a product to the market where there is a VAST market. Today nearly everyone in the USA… and maybe the world.. has a cell phone. The market is vast..

Another thing we have learned is that to be successful, we must serve both a NEED and a WANT. Everyone wants privacy and control, and most people want to spend the least amount possible to meet these wants.

Whether one NEEDS these is a personal question, but nearly everyone we have shared this with feels that want… and as Sandler says, people buy on EMOTION (which a “want” is) then justify the decision on ration… which becomes evident in the price and the benefits.

As a business person, we love repeat sales and residual income, and each month the cell phone bill is paid, we get paid. Verizon, Comcast, T Mobile and others we used (and referred) NEVER paid us. Clear Does!

It’s a very CLEAR Choice and we are happy to share it.

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