About Leech Enterprises

A Little About the Site Owner

Married, Retired Air Force (Pilot), Christian, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Musician (Piano/Keyboard), 3 Grown Children, 6 Grandchildren. Hobbies: Reading: Cussler,Clancy, Grisham, Travel, Ham (N3ASN). Love to help others, teach. Born in Pittsburgh, Pa at an early age and after living in many places in the US and also abroad while in the Air Force, returned to Pittsburgh in 2016. Graduate Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa + MBA studies, Wright State, Dayton Ohio. Life member WPWPCA. Current qualifications for this job include the over 30 years combined active and reserve military duty, 8 years in corporate America in sales and marketing including Dowell Div Dow Chem, Pfizer, Dearborn Chemical–followed by 24 years business ownership as a Manufacturers’ rep. Lastly 15 years direct sales in insurance and holding current licenses in health and life insurance with specialty in Medicare.

Site and Business Makeup

The makeup is to first give you a “top down” view… overall how our company evolved, and then a “taste” of what’s in this site. You will be interested in some parts but not necessarily others. It gives you the opportunity to decide where you want to spend your time.
You just read enough about me. This site was first created over 20 years ago when Leech Enterprises was primarily a Manufacturers’ Rep Site and the principal content was the Line Card, supplemented by blog items discussing pros and cons of various technologies such as pumps, SBR vs Extended Aeration plants. On retirement as a rep and no business successor, the site was dormant but the domain name remained and on re-entering the work force (part time) primarily in insurance, we gave rebirth to the site which has evolved to it’s present site. The business has grown to include a number of related technologies and services but knowing one can only do so many things at one time and do them well, we have concentrated our focus on what we can do to help the largest number of people within that time while maintaining a life balance between God, Family, Country.

What We Hope This Site Will Do For You

Help You Earn More and Learn How To Help Others; Learn About Us

First, we hope to give you an in site into some possibilities. Possibilities to become home owners; possibilities to create some good entrepreneurial income, both active and passive, and possibly most important of all: to be able to help and improve the quality of life for others. You will learn about grants for home buyers, who can get one and where; who funds these grants and how you can help in this movement and essentially develop a nice income then you will learn how you can help both these people as well as yourself (if you have a mortgage or other debt) to get it paid off in about half the time you might expect… all using just the currently available income. Then while on the topic of grants, you will learn about just general grants for any one, but hopefully giving you more so you can help others more… but that’s not all. We want to recognize grant donors with a tangible thanks… and so you will learn about incentive giving. Changing hats, you’ll learn why you current cell phone is selling you out in terms of privacy.. and what you can do about it. We may even help you with education about Medicare.

There’s a near lifetime of our knowledge and passion in this site. I hope you will use it…

Overall, as said in the header above, we hope to give you a great look at possibilities….. possibilities to change your life as a consumer and/or change your life as an entrepreneur and business owner.

While not everyone reading this site will be a home owner or hope to be, or have debt, about everyone has a cell phone and does have (or should have) knowledge and concerns about their privacy and even safety. As such, we start here with providing information on how to protect yourself and in the meantime, to get paid in sharing the information.

World currency fluctuates but can even out, but individual country currencies can be less stable, so to average things out, we introduce the topic of crypto currency and provide a simple learning and investing resource.

Our base many years ago was health insurance and we maintain an active presence there with specialization in MEDICARE. As a senior myself, I’m very aware of how confusing this can be for other seniors and I take great pride in what we do.

We are all busy, and one thing I hate doing is doing the same thing over and over. I like doing something, getting paid for it at the time, and then keep getting paid over and over on automatic. This is passive income, and it’s a major love and where we are happy to teach others and help them ways to do the same.
These are some of our objectives and things you can learn and have from our site.

What you have is the compilations of over 20 years direct sales and marketing experience, carefully refined, sorted, and arranged into a cohesive package and business known as Leech Associates. We are here to help you… try us out.