Marketing Services

OK… the image of my company implies “big”   but here’s a tip… that’s not the COMPANY jet, and while we are big in scope truly doing business on a world wide basis, we are in actuality a very small firm.

We are lucky enough to know about various outsourcing services (such as Fiverr) and other services, but for the most part, we have had to learn and do our own marketing. Once you know the basics, it’s fairly easy, and we have  decided we’d like to share with other legitimate entrepreneurs.

One of the services we can provide is essentially helping you with competitor analysis and activity.  It’s “white hat”, but gives you great “spy” information. Call me if you want to know more about that.

Our greatest social media tool is Linked in …  And we can help you use this tool to your best advantage.   In fact, we’ll even give you personal access to the tool we use.  CLICK HERE for info. A short video there with 3 free tips… and by the way, we ARE a professional in this area.