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legal assistance

Legal Services are so closely associated with the financial world that it is just common sense to have them available to our clients. But we “caught on” to this quite late in our practice.

To me, that meant having a lawyer.. and what the heck.. I never even had a traffic ticket, never had been sued, never had a collection problem, etc… in  short other than for one rep contract issue 20 years ago to get some clarification between an employee and private contractor status, I had no need for a lawyer.

Then recently.. VERY recently … a big need came up. Someone took my identity and put it into use naming me as an officer in his corporation here in Fl ..  without my knowledge and consent. And then proceeded to do some contracting.  By the time I learned about it, I was named in a law suit and facing a judgement of up to $6000 or more.   I did not know where to turn.  I did know of one lawyer from a networking group, and called him.. and only got his voice mail.  He never returned the call, but my clock was ticking.

Now your first need for a lawyer may not be that dramatic, and you may think you don’t ever want or need one. You can get your will done free on line or with a kit (by the way, a will is not the best vehicle to transfer things due to the cost of probate; a trust may be better). You may have a contract you THINK is harmless and you sign it on your own intelligence, or because you fear that even calling a lawyer will cost you $250 if they say “sure, send it over and we’ll review it”    A traffic ticket.. forget it unless you have deep pockets… even if you were innocent.

Legal2…So what do you do?

…You do as I did .. and CLICK HERE for all the answers.

…Leech Associates is NOT a law firm, but we are affiliated with the greatest national organization that for under $20 a month (which includes spouse if married), you have 24-7 access to professional legal services. On joining you get a professional will done free, and you have discounts on many non-legal services that will more than cover your monthly fee. Don’t pass this up. You  can always not accept it, but at least learn what is available before you make a decision.