Insurance Division – Health


The current activity of the company really started with this division. We originally started as a captive agent in the health field, learning as we went.  From that early start came an evolvlment to the senior market, again, essentially captive to AARP United Health Care and working personal “in home” appointments.  That evolved to becoming active in the under 65 year old market, and beginning to work via the internet.   Primary reason for this was because the Senior Market if only active to enroll client 3 months of the year (other than those who age in or turn 65).

We soon added Critical Illness, Accident, and Dental insurance… all while staying active in the senior market, but now expanding to add additional “name” carriers such as Humana.

For the 3-4 months of the year as “senior” and “under 65” over lap, this is our principal thrust with the largest demographic being the under 65.

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