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Fundraising Ideas
Fundraising Ideas

It’s almost impossible to avoid fund raising if you are alive and active in American life. You are either solicited some how to become a donor, or you are part of an organization that is, or you have kids that need it done; or your church synagogue needs help; the non profit you are part of, or the volunteer fire department in your town.  It’s unavoidable.   And for the most part, predictable and boring. Also in so many cases, not cost or time efficient.

We are changing that.. but first.. you may wonder, “How Does Fund Raising in Any Way Relate to what Leech Enterprises does at “core”… financial services, legal services, insujrance?

The common thread here is that we deal with people. We need to meet and know people, and to develop relationships.  Being an expert in insurance or a niche inthe financial services area is not overlyl taxing of the brain… but the challenge we all face in business:  LEADS.   People do business with people they know, or know of, and trust.

Advertising is actually responsible for very little new business, but referrals is the golden nugget.

How to you  get to know people?   By HELPING PEOPLE, and if you can help many people at the same time.. like in an organization…  the first step is taken.

Fund raisingNeed to raise money for your organization? We have the tool. CLICK HERE after you finish reading this and let me help you.  And after you have a great fund raiser, you might just want to ask me a little something about insurance or retirement…!!!!