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While Health Insurance is technically a branch of Financial Services, this field carries a wide range of services, with the practitioner of same having many titles and professional associations, as well as markets they focus on.

Essentially over the past few years, the narrow disciplines of “financial services” have come to significantly over lap: You can “bank” with your car insurance firm; you can finance your home through any number of private lenders and not need a bank; you can get restaurant savings from our Credit Union;  Your bank can sell you annuities.

In spite of all the opportunities and individual has,  we have found a niche that needs us more than any other, and this is the retirement planning niche, where for many reasons, all other sources fail to educate and bring to the attention of the client plans that allow them to really maximize their pay outs when they hit retirement.  In fact,  with close to 75% of the people we work with we find that with just some simple “tweaks” in how money is presently used, we can increase the retirement benefit from 20- 40% using conventional and widely known financial products.

We have created at least one specialty page to address this training, education, and need. We hope you will visit it, then call me. CLICK HERE

fegretirmentimage.jkpg  Please note this graphic ..  and the comments from the author in this issue of  Time Magazine.


The bottom line is that 401Ks and other vechicles are lousy places to put your retirement.


If you have started there, it may not be too late to make a change to a more intelligent choice.

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