Federal Employee Benefits

Federal Employee Benefits Consultant

Congratulations to all the current, past, and future federal employees viewing this site.  You have an awesome availability of benefits. A package many “civilians” would give an important body part to have available.

While your program is rich, the facts are that over half of the employees are not fully aware of all of their options, including those available in the “civilian” sector. Some of these can actually be better.

There’s many reasons for this situation. Sometimes the federal employee just “assumes” their package is the best without comparison.  Another reason is that the HR person or specialist is not equipped to  discuss or make available “outside” options.

Still another situation is that there’s quite a bit of planning involved to take maximum advantage, such as in retirement.

One of the biggest surprises can come when a federal employee is close to retiring and then realizes that a large amount of their benefits under FEGLI will virtually either disappear or become cost prohibitive… at the worst time of life for this to happen.

If you wish to learn more, please visit our general web site at http://febc.us or if you would like to talk about this personally, please use the contact us form at http://fedbenefits.joeleech.us/index.php/contact-request-page/