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Leech Enterprises: Old Home Page and Welcome

Leech Enterprises

Our Company Includes the Following Divisions


  • Insurance Products/Services
  •      Health (emphasis on Seniors.. See Our Advocacy Site)
  •      Life: Term, Final Expense, Critical Illness, Accident, Whole Life (Emphasis on Retirement)
  •      Group 75% Reimbursement Program

*  Business Financial Services: Specialized loans> Startup, construction, real estate. CLICK for Division Site



Every business needs a reliabe source of genrating new customers, as well as maintaining brand awareness.  Over the years Leech Enterprises has used and developed techniques for our own needs. While we are not a lead company, we offer a unique service that allows virtually any business to generate leads, gain competitive knowledge, etc. The information is too lengthy to discuss here. FOR an Overview, CLICK HERE

Publications Division

To assist those needing or wanting information  of a practical nature, Leech Enterprises has written and via Amazon published a number of handy  guide books such as A Commons Sense Guide to Retirement;  How to Buy Health Insurance; How To Buy Mortgage Protection insurance, and many others. The easiest way to access our publications is to log on to and enter  in the search box  “Joe Leech books”

Additional And Related Resources

While the three divisions named comprise the bulk of our direct activity, through an affiliation agreement we are able to bring resources to our client base.   Please visit  HERE for a full range of what we can offer. Services range from a unique debit card that returns cash; fund  raising opportunities, career and extra income or home based income opportunities, security and software systems and much more.

History of this site:  Leechent or Leech Enterprises was founded in 1992 in Pittsburgh, Pa and was at the time primarily a Manufacturers’ Rep business specializing in water and waste water treatment and pumping equipment. The nature of that business was that commissions came in spurts, related to the funding of  many muncipal products. To even out the cash flow, the founder became licensed and involved as a financial consultant with Primerica Division of the Travelers.  Leech Enterprises as a manufactuers‘ rep firm shut down in 2008 and the owner moved to Fl, and then started the current company, initially only as a health insurance firm. Busienss has evolved to keep up with the changes in markets and society and with the changes in the under age 65 health insurance (Obamacare), that division was shut down Dec 2015.     

Throughout all of this one “thead” remains constant: the need to market (as opposed to sell). Considerable knowledge has been gained.. some formal, some from the college hard knocks.  Passions have been honed in helping people with the knowledge and tools for affordable and dignified retirement, and a secondary passion in helping other business people have access to unique tools to build their business.  Sadly for many, this knowledge is not generally made available to those  who need it most, for in teaching it, it often runs contrary to the  profit motives of those individuals and firms that could teach the subject.  Our most current affiliation  with Rogue Financial illustrates this.

Enjoy this site and contact us with any questions, or comments. You can do so via contact information on this web site or via our Linkedin site at