New Money and Profits for Companies of All Sizes

Stryde Savings

Our page headline says it all. We can and will help companies of virtually any size increase profits. How? First, let’s look at what profits are: These are the difference between expenses and revenue. We can help in both areas.


This is interesting because in most circumstances, revenue increases result and can occur only when an activity takes place to do that. In what we do, NO additional commitment of time or resources is required, nor is any risk.

What we do is increase revenue by locating and obtaining various highly specialized federal tax incentives. These incentives are very often overlooked by both in house tax people as well as many very well known and large CPA and tax preparation companies.

If you are reading ahead and thinking we are making a “play” to become your tax prep firm, we are not. We will  work WITH the tax preparer of your choice.

We have no charges or fee up front for what we do. We only have a fee AFTER we obtain results, and then it is a fair percentage of the new money. YOU HAVE NO RISK, nor other than document submission for us to work with, do you have any man-hours committed.


The other way to increase profit is to decrease expenses.  It’s always amazing at the companies that have expenses that with a little research could be reduced. We have the tools to identify these areas, and then provide lower cost alternatives without any sacrifice in quality.  Again, our fee is only a percentage of the cost savings.


We will meet with you, in person when applicable, or other times “virtually” on line and do a preliminary survey to see if you qualify in either area, and what your approximate savings will be. We ask about 8 questions pertinent to your industry, and our exclusive software returns results based on your answers. The one exception is WOTC which you can do on your own. (CLICK HERE).

Based on the results, we ask you if you feel the savings we discover warrant pressing on.  If so, we sign an agreement to work together and protect you by disclosing and confirming no fees until we get results, and then contract for the percentage that will be ours for the work.   When this agreement is signed, then a second call takes place with our corporate specialists in your field. The initial questions are reviewed, and the necessary new ones in your field are asked. We will need certain documents to proceed, and we then go to work.

For more information or a personal appointment for the first step, please use us on the form at HERE which starts out with property tax questions.

I look forward to saving YOU money.