About Us

Leech Enterprises is a privately owned and held company. owned by it’s namesake, Joe Leech.   The name is used interchangeably with Leech Associates to denote that there are various associations with firms and companies providing some of the actual services or products.

The company name was adopted in 1980 shortly after “Joe” left the ranks of corporate employment with Dowell Division of Dow Chemical to become a commission only employee of the F. W. Flory Co and an independent contractor selling water and waste water pumping and treatment equipment.

Suppliers not contracted with the Flory Co approached us and asked us if we would like to also represent them, and on acceptance, we became a true manufacturer’s’ rep company and the name was adopted to identify more accurately our status while also still representing the Flory lines.

To fill in some of the gaps between sales, a couple nonrelated lines were added, generally in the form of non-water and waste water products and generally on line, including a  travel business.

Fast forwarding, the water and waste water associations were retired from in Dec 2009 and we moved to Fl, continuing for a short time the travel online business operating under the name “Forever Vacations and Travel”.  In 2011 this business was dissolved primarily as the supplier of the travel and vacation products went out of business, and  with a past background in insurance while selling water and waste water treatments, employment was found in this field but only now as a Health Insurance agent. (Previous background: Licensed life and securities sales, A.L.Williams/Primerica, Pa licenses with series 6 and 63.

This area of financial services has continued to expand with a principal focus in health insurance until Obamacare essentially destroyed the opportunities for  independent agents with the ACA act.

While Leech Associates/Enterprises continues to sell health insurance, primarily in the Senior market, we have evolved to Life products with an emphasis on Retirement planning, and then the transition to products and services helping businesses.

The company focus today remains in the life and company profitiazation markets as presented on this web page.

Leech as personal”

Married, born in Pittsburgh, raised in the area of Erie,  Pa. Attended and graduated from Allegheny College of Meadville, Pa.  Having taken the ROTC curriculum, was commissioned on graduation and served 10 years on active duty as a pilot with various secondary assignments such as Maintenance Officer, Operations, etc. On leaving active duty in 1970, remained in the AF Reserves until retiring in 1987.  From the period of 1970, held  “traditional” civilian jobs, first as an Admissions Officer with Drexel University, then moving over toward the business world, first as a sales representative with Pfizer, followed by two additional sales positions with Dearborn Chemical and then moving up to the Dowell Division, Dow Chemical (Mining and Construction Div).   It was due to associations with water and waste water in this field that lead to the work with Flory as cited above.

Married to high school “sweetheart” since 1961, he and his wife have 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren.  Joe and Ruth Ann call Pittsburgh home. They love to read, travel, entertain, and when opportunities present for “old fashioned holding dancing” to dance.  Ruth Ann is active in her hobbies of photography and is an accomplished Chrismon maker, as well as an accomplished cook. Joe’s principal hobby love is piano and keyboard playing, reading (Cussler, Clancy), and flying as pilot when opportunity presents itself and to see if skills from computer flight simulator still apply “in the air”. Both RA and Joe are active in their local church.