NEW WOTC Tool and Estimator

Brand new WOTC tool, available here, simplifies and streamlines the process to that employers can have results within  3-4 work days.

Old way: Paper application, routing it around several stops AFTER the employee completes it. Background checks charged to employer on a per check basis and slow and expensive.

New Way: Simple application (software) bypasses all paperwork and has results of WOTC eligibility almost instantly. Software does screening and cost of screening built into monthly subscription fee for service which starts at just $19 per month.

With no obligation, an employer can get an estimate of their federal tax credit for use of WOTC by clicking HERE.

This tool has been in development and test for over a year and produced thousands of dollars of WOTC Federal Income Tax credits for clients. It has just been released to the general (business) population, and is available and reasonable to use if the employer hires only one new employee a year or several thousand.

If you are a staffing agency, you MUST use this new WOTC tool at the risk of missing several thousand dollars of revenue. If you are a tax preparer or business advisor, you MUST know how to help your clients recover this tax incentive.

And if you are only curious, after clicking HERE you need to contact us.

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