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Let’s face it: For just about all of us in business, we are here for one reason: To earn a profit. (What we do with that, or why we want to, is another subject).

Fundamentally there’s only two ways to do that as we look at the classic definition. One is to create more income, the other is to reduce expenses.

Sometimes easier said than done, and I’d suspect everyone reading this is probably thinking, “I’m doing the best that I can”…. but unsaid is an “add on” to the sentence.   It probably should be “the best I can THAT I KNOW OF.

Would you believe that in spite of some of the best education, training, mentoring and the like mentoring and the like mentoring and the like mentoring and the like that  there’s probably at least one or two things you don’t know?  (My kids remind me of this every day!)

If you can accept this, let’s look at just one reason and place: This is in the area of SPECIALIZED knowledge. By definition again, you are not real likely to come across it if you don’t know it exists or where to look for it. Both are important.

So let’s to back to profit and a couple of the major components: Income and outgo. We can very commonly think of “income” as revenue from whatever we provide.. a service, product, or whatever.

But would you agree and accept that if there were suddenly be provide some cash, possibly in the form of unclaimed federal specialty incentive tax credits, this also would be considered income? Certainly! (Some can even go back 15 years!)

And would you be open to the idea that due to the complexities of the tax codes, particularly in the highly specialized areas, that there’s a reasonable to good chance either you or your tax preparer is not aware of them or how to get them for you? Our knowledge set can apply to a business of virtually any size and may be as simple sharing a new way to get your business WOTC credit, whether you hire one new person a year or 10,000.

So let’s put it in simple terms: You don’t take your car to a jiffy lube to get your front end aligned: you go to the specialist.   You don’t go to your __________ to get ___________. (and you can fill in the words).

I won’t make you any promises other than being willing to work with you and help you, but my offer is a little different. I don’t want your money up front. In fact, I don’t want your money at all unless we can produce results which mean money in your bank account.  When we do that, we’ll ask only that you share a part of this “windfall”. In fact, before we start to work for you, we’ll have an agreement in writing as to exactly what that share percent will be so there’s no surprises.

If these thoughts intrigue or interest you, reach out to me and let’s talk.

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