Employment Financial Assistance

  Employment Financial AssistanceEmployment Financial Assistance is available and has been available for quite some time. The assistance is available to the EMPLOYER under the rules of the WOTC which can be seen (in condensed form) by CLICKING HERE.

WHAT”S NEW IN Employer Financial Assistance is the ease of qualifying for it. This is due to some new and innovative services of the Stryde Services Group.  Where it has been an administrative challenge to qualify for in the past, and expensive, and difficult to obtain for the small employer, it’s easily accessible, and the average tax incentive is $2400 per employee.

This will ONLY apply to new hires, so procedures must be put in place prior to the completion of job contract forms.

If you are an employer:
You want every benefit you can get to reduce hiring expenses, as well as training expenses on the new employer. Use the contact form to reach out to us for help.

If you are a job seeker:
Make certain your desired future employer knows how they can benefit from the tax credit by hiring you.  Bring them this information.  YOU may have a “leg up” on other applicants by helping the employer.

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